Enhancing Delivery of Healthcare Technology

With constantly evolving technological demands, increasing security measures, and critical communication requirements, the delivery of reliable Information Technology services within the Healthcare Industry has increased exponentially. From design and development to implementation and management, BE has provided Information Technology support for multiple Government departments and agencies that operate within the Healthcare Industry.

Our capabilities are provided through managed practice organizations that offer reliable, proven, and innovative solutions. Through these practice areas, BE provides forward leaning technologies such as cloud, robotic process automation, Agile/DevOps, cybersecurity, virtual desktop infrastructure, and data governance, BE has developed unique capabilities currently being applied in the Heath IT industry to include the following:

  • Health Communication Support Services
  • Facilitating Integration and Data Exchange
  • Health Systems Integration
  • Modernization and Enhancement of Existing Health IT Legacy Systems
  • Biomedical Information Services
  • Security of Healthcare and Biomedical Research Systems
  • Bio-surveillance and Disease Management IT Support
  • Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • IT Support for Epidemic and Bio-Terrorism Simulations
  • Emergency Response Training / Exercise Support
  • Automation of Administrative and Clinical Processes

We understand the need for functional, dependable technology, that keeps pace with the rapidly expanding world of Healthcare. From patient data security to virtual medical treatment, you can trust BE to help with providing the best care possible.



Army Analytics Group (AAG)

Health Communication Support Services and Enhancements, Integration of Health Systems, Modernization and Enhancement, Biomedical Information Services, Security
BE maintained, enhanced, and modernized multiple health and biomedical analytics, tracking, and communications solutions for the U.S. Army with the purpose of providing insights to the health readiness of all soldiers. These critical insights included data on healthcare visits, physical and mental fitness, diet, injuries, disabilities, medical readiness assessments, and other Personal Health Information.

Department of Labor Job Corps (DOLJC)

Biomedical Information Services
BE maintains and uses a wellness and accommodation module and Informatics solution within the Job Corps suite of career development services applications. This module provides functions and reports for managing student health insurance information, disability data, accommodation plans, and other Personal Health Information. Functions supported include entering and storing health data, health insurance information, disability accommodations, medical records, and reporting.