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We understand the challenges of the rapidly evolving and dynamic cyber domain, as well as the tenacity of our adversaries. At BE, we build resilient cyber infrastructures and platforms that allow Cyber Operations to aggressively and proactively counter adversarial attacks. Tailored Full-Spectrum Cyber Capabilities for Enabling Mission Success. 

We Help Customers:

Conduct vulnerability research
Perform rapid incident response
Assess cyber threats
Attribute threats to cyber actors
Develop proportional cyber response policies
Manage the sharing of cyber threat information and data

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Mission Focused Cyber

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Penetration Testing

The cyber landscape is being exploited at an alarming rate and taking action to ensure your applications, networks, and systems are secure is not only critical, but necessary. Our trusted experts can help evaluate, identify, and fortify your security flaws before it’s too late.


Cyber Threat Hunting

Our team is highly skilled at hunting down malicious actors that may have slipped past your initial security defenses. Once an adversary has snuck into your network, they can quietly collect data, access confidential materials, or cause serious damage - all while evading detection. We can hunt down and stop the advanced threat from remaining in the network.


Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis

Proper digital forensics and malware analysis is critical for identifying, tracking, and collecting evidence. Our certified professionals can capture and analyze data so that it can be used to identify lapses in cyber security, stop future attacks, reverse damages, and even be used in court as evidence in bringing forth criminal charges.


Vulnerability Assessments

Through a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, our team can help your organization define, identify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems, applications, devices, and network. We arm you with the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risk backgrounds to mitigate threats within your environment, significantly reducing the likelihood of damages.


Cyber Range Development

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving and having cybersecurity professionals who are trained in the next generation of technology is critical for detecting and mitigating future attacks. Our Cyber Ranges allow companies to practice handling real-world scenarios, train employees and customers on current threats, and help combat modern cybercrime.


Tool Development

We develop custom tools for all aspects of cyber security, including application security, information security, network security, disaster recovery, operational security, and more. From Ransomware and Malware to Phishing and direct network attacks, we can develop the necessary tools to provide your organization with security from multiple cyber threats.

Cyber Intel and Strategy


Evaluating cyber information for reporting in formal channels

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is what cyber threat information becomes once it has been collected and evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed through rigorous and structured tradecraft. We understand that CTI reporting hinges on a triad of actors, intent, and capability, with consideration given to their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), motivations, and access to the intended targets. Our team of expert analysts work to identify similarities and differences in vast quantities of information and detect deceptions to produce accurate, timely, and relevant intelligence.

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Promotion of cyber data sharing across IC, state, and local agencies

Through cyber data sharing across federal, state, and local communities, organizations and agencies can leverage the collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities to gain a more complete understanding of the threat and make informed decisions regarding defensive capabilities, threat detection techniques, and mitigation strategies.