Improving decision-making and enhancing critical mission readines

Intelligence Analysis

BE provides intelligence analysis to the Virginia restricted customer, ODNI, and DHS programs.

We Help Customers:

  • Fuse all-source intelligence to advance operations in the field 
  • Manage the entire intelligence cycle (planning, collection, analysis, exploitation, production, and dissemination) 
  • Respond to NIPF priorities by drawing upon our SMEs knowledge in the areas of language, culture, history, and technology of geographic regions
  • Manage production of reporting and publications based on all source intelligence, triage of data, and evaluation of reporting

Operational Support

BE has supported operational aspects of the CT mission since shortly after 9/11, providing personnel to several CTMC divisions from watch listing to targeting and FI reporting.

We help customers:

  • Perform full spectrum life-cycle operational support across multiple labor categories and levels 
  • Leverage digital data collections for CI insights on CTMC cases
  • Establish and staffed teams dedicated to reporting FI from digital collections

Intelligence Support

  • We have a large cadre of SOO Targeter and CMO support in CTMC and other Mission Centers
  • Ensure appropriate use and sharing of intelligence across the government and with partners
  • Document foreign adversary’s techniques, tactics, and procedures in intelligence reporting 

Services Include

  • Provide collection management training on FI collection
  • Promote and manage the sharing of adversary threat information