Bridging the Gap

At Buchanan & Edwards, we help government agencies manage the identification, reporting, and sharing of cyber intelligence. Our services bridge the gap between network operations and analysts and the different organizations that use cyber intelligence data, including government agencies and public/private partnerships. As a result, we ensure that the right personnel, including policymakers, get the right information regarding potential cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and trends.

 Our clients rely on our cyber intelligence and strategy services to:

  • Assess cyber threats
  • Attribute threats to cyber actors
  • Develop proportional cyber response policies
  • Manage the sharing of cyber threat information and data

Our extensive work in cyber intelligence provides us with a unique perspective on the diverse and growing menace in the cyber realm. With more than a decade of experience in cyber tradecraft, we have developed innovative solutions for assessing and sharing data in order to make all networks more secure.

We help government agencies understand the cyber landscape, assess counter-threat options, and evaluate emerging threats.



Setting Standards for Cyber Threat Intelligence

Buchanan & Edwards supports the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. Established by the director of National Intelligence, the CTIIC is a national intelligence center focused on “connecting the dots” regarding malicious foreign cyber threats and cyber incidents affecting U.S. national interests. The center also provides U.S. policymakers with an all-source analysis of threats. As part of the initial team at CTIIC, we assisted in setting standards and establishing protocols for engaging governmental agencies in cyber threat discussions.