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Foreign Affairs

Foreign affairs plays a vital role in the U.S. both diplomatically and in international trade relations. In order to support national and international security and to protect the interests of citizens overseas, foreign affairs departments must be efficient and accountable. At Buchanan & Edwards, we are committed to delivering mission-oriented IT solutions that help advance the security and prosperity of America. We understand the complex requirements of foreign affairs agencies and apply mission-centric domain expertise to best serve our customers. Our skilled professionals, with years of experience, work with agencies such as the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development to design and deploy innovative solutions to facilitate communication around the world and between other federal organizations and ensure operations are conducted more efficiently and effectively.




Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are charged with an important and difficult mission: serve and protect the American people in the face of the threats and challenges posed by the increasing sophistication, complexity, and scope of crime today. BE is committed to helping agencies embrace innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing landscape of law enforcement and protection. We draw upon our highly-trained experts to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions to help make law enforcement smarter, more agile, and more responsive. We use powerful solutions and our years of expertise to harness the latest technology advancements that will help agencies drive more efficient and actionable intelligence to meet mission requirements.

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National Security & Defense

Our nation faces an unprecedented number of security challenges with the increase defenseof digital access. At Buchanan & Edwards, we understand the paramount importance of protecting our country from threats that require the highest level of security. We have decades of operational experience, working to help customers with highly regulated and secure environments that require cutting edge, customized solutions. Our talented staff apply technology, domain expertise and innovative approaches to secure our nation’s mission-critical information. We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and then design, build and deploy solutions that improve operations and threat response time. Our innovative and secure solutions, combined with our expertise, allow BE to enhance the productivity, operational efficiencies and critical mission support of national security and defense agencies. We are committed to building solutions that help agencies protect, defend and respond.

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At Buchanan & Edwards, we understand the increased need for agencies to provide improved and transparent services. Government agencies must respond efficiently and effectively to citizens, streamline communications and information, enable secure information sharing, and increase productivity. Our dedicated experts have worked with government agencies for decades and understand how technological innovation can help achieve some of our most urgent national priorities. Through our innovative and agile solutions, we provide an enterprise approach to the transformation of government to enable improved accountability, transparency and efficiency across agencies. Buchanan & Edwards is committed to partnering with government to help deliver superior mission results that are cost effective, reliable and secure while ensuring compliance and accountability.

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