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Are you using collaboration software to its maximum potential? 
Our team can help you leverage Microsoft Teams full potential to support your remove workforce. In addition to holding small to medium sized meetings using a computer and mobile device, Microsoft Teams includes setting up teams and channels, chatrooms, co-authoring documents, virtual whiteboards, and Office365 integration. You can capture meeting minutes, develop real time solutions, and draw process or system diagrams. Save your work and publish as meeting minutes. Buchanan & Edwards can provide low cost migration, implementation, and virtual training sessions designed to increase user proficiency to improve workforce collaboration and connectivity.


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Do you have mission critical systems that currently require staff to be onsite to maintain servers and networks?
Consult with Buchanan & Edwards to develop an approach or strategy to migrate some or all of your systems to secure government clouds, thereby minimizing or eliminating your physical footprint and enabling more staff to work remotely.

  • Quickly develop new cloud-based applications to replace either legacy technology or to accomplish new mission requirements using low code platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and ServiceNow. Eliminate the need to maintain these systems physically while reducing operations and maintenance costs. Simple applications can be designed, delivered, and implemented in a manner that is fully compliant with your agency security and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes, sometimes in a manner of weeks.


Work efficiently. Work Securely. Work smarter.
Ask us about our Force Analytix solution accelerators to rapidly deliver capabilities for common use cases such as correspondence management; budget formulation and tracking; technology investment management; and legal or investigative case management.


Leverage High-Performing and Cost-Effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions
Buchanan & Edwards can help you implement VDI in a matter of weeks using the Nutanix Frame solution. Our Federal customers currently leverage this service in two ways:

  • Provisioning full desktops in their respective cloud VPC with their approved image or possibly just a critical app which requires remote access.
  • Using Frame as a VPN Jump Box into their Enterprise Network, for lower-volume cloud users. This can help avoid the swell of laptop procurements and can create a secure working environment for their VPN access.

The Nutanix Frame platform can quickly enable telework:

  • Runs from any HTML5 browser – Chrome, Firefox, IE11, or Safari – no JAVA, no plug-ins
  • Integrates seamlessly with any application that you are already using
  • Can be delivered from any infrastructure, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Nutanix
  • Enable User and Admin access from any browser or device, without intrusive plug-ins or client software to be installed
  • Users can access their applications and data from the device of their choice, anytime, any place

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