Tracking and Measuring COVID-19 Funding

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  • Visibility across the IT portfolio and identify cost drivers as well as business value provided by IT services to offices and bureaus across the agency
  • Identify the IT Projects that will provide the best return on investment with additional funding and generate “what-if” scenarios to enable better business decisions
  • Clearly communicate the value of additional investments funded by COVID-19 relief legislation

IT Financial Management (ITFM), often supported by an enterprise platform, helps CIOs and IT leaders better understand financial health month to month that enables decision making throughout the year rather than a rush at year end. Instead of guessing where to move money, ITFM helps improve understanding of where to pull resources from and what areas need additional support. In addition, ITFM improves understanding of IT spend and forecasting IT costs that are essential for successful IT Modernization.

The most successful ITFM solutions utilize enterprise platforms such as ServiceNow, which provide IT leaders improved management and delivery of IT services across the enterprise. Buchanan & Edwards is a Premier ServiceNow partner with an implementation methodology that applies the application of Enterprise IT experience and lessons learned from over 100 projects. Our partner, Proven Optics, is the premier ITFM consulting firm and is ServiceNow’s ONLY preferred implementation partner for Financial Modeling (FM).

Our team has developed a proven approach to helping IT leaders quickly analyze their IT cost data across the enterprise to improve decision making, manage IT resources, and ensure communication of the value of IT. By delivering the Blueprint for Success, the corner stone of our ITFM implementation methodology, we recognize that successful ITFM implementations include much more than just a cost model. When implementing a software solution, our focus is on ensuring the solution’s outcome enables the organization to use the model’s output to accurately make decisions. 

Buchanan & Edwards leverages subject matter expertise in strategic communications and change management to help IT leaders effectively communicate the value of IT Services. Our teams have worked with large organizations to develop and implement strategic communications plans that target key stakeholders from across the internal organization as well as inter-agency and government oversight bodies.



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