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Buchanan & Edwards Invited to Participate in Microsoft’s Executive Conference

April 2009 – Redmond, WA

BE’s CTO Greg Parchment participated in Microsoft’s exclusive Business Productivity Online Server (BPOS) conference, which Microsoft held to gain feedback from Gold Partners about the problems that currently exist within BPOS.

Microsoft reached out to Gold Partners in its attempt to improve BPOS by encouraging partners to help develop solutions to improve BPOS. Cloud solutions in particular were integral to Microsoft’s plan to establish a uniform system that could work for a variety of clients

Overall, the conference was considered a useful and informative session. Microsoft answered some outstanding questions about gaps between hosted solutions and regular Microsoft Exchange solutions. The conference also gave partners an opportunity to alert Microsoft about some important problems with BPOS including mail migration issued and billing issues.

The conference was successful in bringing Microsoft and the partners together to work through BPOS issues. Both remain committed to the technology and look forward to continued improvements to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.