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Buchanan & Edwards’ Business Process Management: Custom Developed Efficiency

 February 2011- Arlington, VA

Achieving better business efficiency through improved processes is a top issue for leading government agencies today. These organizations are increasingly turning towards Business Process Management (BPM) software to assure their processes are followed without impacting productivity. Streamlined business processes help organizations achieve more productive employees, better compliance with company policies and a happier workforce. BE can help you achieve those results through a BPM solution custom developed to meet your organizations needs.

While there are a multitude of products out there to help organizations achieve their BPM needs, every product must be customized to an organizations unique processes and needs. Having an experienced BPM solutions integrator is just as important as finding the right tool to use.
BE helps clients achieve their BPM needs. With years of experience in the BPM field, BE has worked with a variety different BPM products including:

•     Windows Workflow Foundation
•     SharePoint Workflow
•     Metastorm

Our BPM-trained experts can help you find the solution that is right for you and then help you build it exactly to what fits your organizational needs. BE brings a together a team of experts in all stages of the development lifecycle as well as developers who have experience implementing solutions in a variety of functional areas. Buchanan & Edwards has years of experience improving organizational efficiency through BPM development across the Department of State. Working with domestic, as well as regional Bureaus, BE has provided BPM solutions which greatly reduce the time and cost associated with approval workflows and other administrative tasks including:

•     Employee on-boarding
•     360 reviews
•     Personnel tracking
•     HR compliance
•     Service requests
•     Travel authorization
•     Document clearance

Whether you’re automating to increase productivity and lower costs, or to ensure compliance and reduce risk, BE has the tools and expertise to needed to implement any BPM solution from the basic workflow to enterprise level applications.