Jack Wassmer currently serves as Buchanan and Edwards’s Chief of Staff to the CEO. His current responsibilities include coordinating corporate strategic initiatives on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, planning and executing monthly and quarterly Owners meetings, Board of Directors meetings, and facilitating the CEO’s vision while enabling all members of the leadership team to work more efficiently together. Jack works closely with each member of the Executive Team, supporting M&A activity, organic growth, marketing and communications while operating at the ground level with all functions of the business. He also handles all Corporate Communications, serves as the Communications Chairman on the Employee Advisory Council and is a member of the 2018 Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Next Gen. Leadership Council.

Prior to this role at Buchanan & Edwards, Jack served as Marketing Manager for BE, developing and executing a complete rebranding and marketing campaign, while also supporting BE’s Marine Corps and USDA contracts. Jack joined Buchanan & Edwards as a Marketing Associate in 2016. Jack received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from James Madison University.


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